About Us

We have UV Lamps,UV Coatings, Squeegee’s, Reflectors, End Dam Pads, Screen Mesh and every part for your UV Roller Coater or Spot Coater!!

Our products include:

  • UV Coatings: Mike’s Graphic Service & Supply can custom formulate clear,matte, satin, write-able, glue-able, coatings for your needs, plus we have offset and digital coatings. Our Application Specialists have more than 30 years experience.
  • INLINE AND OFFLINE UV ROLLER COATERS: 14″16″-21″-30″-45″ & custom size systems, new & used.
  • UV Lamps of any kind.

Other Items and Services: Screen Mesh, Squeegee, UV dryers and parts and machine service.

Mike’s Graphic Service & Supply is ready to stand by all we say and do.

To better serve you, we can ship from California, North Carolina, Illinois & Ohio.

We respond back to you within 8 hours.